Saturday, September 29, 2007


Here I sit behind the reception desk at work - having taught 2 boisterously fun classes of 10 to 22 month olds... The class happening now is in the 'bubble' phase of the class. All around me the air is filled with little, glassy bubbles. Like working in a dreamscape. THANKFULLY I have tomorrow off - so my basic plan of action is to sleep languidly, lazily late. And then probably hang around in bed, reading and sipping tea till about lunchtime. And after that, I belong to chance! Who knows where the day will take me!
My visitor staying with me this weekend has been quite incredible as a guest : he arrived with pizza, red wine and flowers on Thursday night! And when I got home from work yesterday, my dishes were done and my fridge stocked with groceries!
Anyway, I have a 'farm' class to teach to my 2 and a half year olds - we plant 'seeds', 'water' them with little colourful watering cans, sing Old Macdonald with all sorts of oinks and woofs. But yesterday when a child shouted out 'fish' - it tooks me a couple of seconds to make a fish face and wonder at what sound a fish made. The moms were in hysterics. I wasn't!
Gotta dash!

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