Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Raining and pouring...

It seems as if winter doesn't want to bow out gracefully from Cape Town! The weather was atrocious this morning - all wild, heavy rain bucketing down in torrents, cats and dogs! And of course, the effect this had on the traffic is predictable : people become poephols and idiots when the roads are wet! As I about to turn onto Blaauwberg Road on my way to work this morning, I just missed being caught up in a rather messy collision between two taxis and an old white Golf which ended up in the middle of road facing completely the wrong way!! It was quite interesting to see a man jump out of his car to take photos with his cellphone of the taxi's registration number!! Hmmm... I wonder why?! (rhetorical question / wry smile)
Anyway - my class is about to start! Adios x

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