Sunday, October 28, 2007

After finishing work near 3pm, I dashed home and jumped into my bikini, slipping on a white linen sundress on top and throwing sunglasses, my book and a huge purple towel into a bag - cracking open an icy Savanna which was the perfect way to toast the most delicious summer's day we've had in a long time! The parking lots along the beachfront weren't nearly as full I imagined it'd be on such a gorgeous day - so after parking my car and slipping off my sandals, the sinking of my feet deep into the warm, soft sand reminded me of being a little girl! The thought of playing 'sandcastles' was a serious consideration ; )
After setting everything down, my big fluffy towel just begging me to plop down onto it, I realised two things :
1. I didn't have sunblock
2. There were some very strange characters populating this spot of beach. One tall man dressed in black, his pants rolled up to his knees literally circled me quietly twice, and everytime I looked up - he'd quickly look away...
And besides these one or two unsavoury and unsettling moments, I was also in danger of being decapitated by two guys learning how to fly those big kites... I stayed on the beach probably an hour or so and then headed to Pakalolo's for another Savanna. The single klerlgsrgjklejkljklv y8u9fsdzewt (oops - that was little Jessica who ran into the reception area and climbed onto my chair and got hold of the keyboard. Yip - I'm at work on a Sunday...) OK, let me try that again : the single Savanna turned into two glasses of wine and another two Savannas! And needless to say, the guy I was chatting to at the bar magically turned from ordinary and not very intelligent to incredibly, sensually handsome and deeply absorbing... His eyebrow piercing even stopped being an eyesore!
PS. Anyone know of a quiet spot along the coast here where I can sun my lilywhite flanks in peace?

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