Saturday, October 20, 2007

A rather gay affair

With this incredible summer weather, I decided to head down to the beachfront for a lazy sunset stroll... but an absolutely horrendous South Easter had arrived to obliterate the idea! Somehow the thought of sand blowing into my eyes and my hair getting stuck in the constant lipgloss of my lips was just not that appealing! And so I popped into Pakalolo's to write a long and detailed letter to a friend, accompanied by a glass of shiraz and the promise of an incredible, blushing sunset.
With my pen sliding and scratching across the page, I couldn't help but be distracted by the two men sitting at the table next to me. Both were impeccably dressed and their over-manicured bodies literally saturated in a far too floral cologne. Obviously gay with their floppy wrists and expressive body language, I noticed they both were wedding bands. Watching the one pour their chilled white wine from its ice-bucket conveyed a sense of their being on a pre-shag date. A bit of a lubricating pre-amble, if you will. Out of the blue, the one leaned over and asked me about the company I work for --- I was wearing my work t-shirt with the logo shamelessly splashed across my back. He said his wife was 6 months pregnant with their second child, and did they teach art at my place of work? (I think my jaw was hanging open - slack-jawed in shock at his admission of heterosexual committedness... Oi! The other guy also has a child - also married... What is this world coming to? They paid up and left, literally oozing desire for each other and almost leaving hand in hand! I wonder at the sudden wave of homosexuals I'm encountering who are married but maintain a prolific and varied gay sex-life outside of their fancy homes and big cars and pretty wives!? What and why, I wonder...

We have pizza arriving in a few minutes (the pizza is meant to sustain us during a very loooong meeting and somehow boost morale - but more than anything it's boosting my waistline!!

Ciao and kisses,

L x

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