Sunday, September 23, 2007

Knysna monologue

Today I had my second bottle of Pon Gracz this week. The first time was on Wednesday evening on the beach, with my toes in the cool sand and sipped to the sound of moonlight on crashing waves. The second in a friend's kitchen here in Knysna at 12pm to celebrate the blessed non-event of my near-marriage -- which was set to take place today at noon in Bedford (in the Eastern Cape.) Hell - I can hardly believe I was so close to making a ****ing DREADFUL mistake!! And so, half a bottle of Pon Gracz and a plateful of Belgian waffles, maple syrup and double cream, I am more than just gratefully relieved, but over the moon!
Since the engagement was broken off, I've been on a fair amount of dates - but nothing close to the rampant 'men tasting' I indulged in a year ago. Now my selection is deliberately smaller - and yet the stories and intrigue accumulated after a week of dinners and other such outings remains as juicy! An entire book of short stories could be published based on these experiences of the opposite sex - ranging from a collector and wearer of Gestapo memorabilia (he really DOES stand in someone else's shoes - a Nazi officer's black leather boots!!) to a gorgeous classical guitarist who made my 13 year old heart pound, to an aggressive balding tank of a man close to his 40s who stalked me relentlessly! But right now I don't have the time -- feel a little guilty using my host's PC...
Now I'm ready to return to my bed and cuddle beneath my covers with a book a friend posted all the way down from PE for me - Stephen King short stories. And then have a little nap. No, a long, deliciously, indugently lazy snoooooooozzzzzzzzzzzzzze.

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