Saturday, August 18, 2007

Meat-Markets and Cocktails

I've managed to grab a few minutes on the Net before my first class starts this morning at 10am - and I'm ENDLESSLY grateful that I didn't have more than one cocktail last night... (two friends from work whisked me off on a girl's night out in an attempt to inebriate/anaesthetize my 'loss' : I ended up at Pakalolo's at about 8pm, sipping a glass of of slightly too cold shiraz, wrapped in the warm music of strangers' laughter - while my friends arrived almost half an hour late. Then it was off to the meat-market next door -- Cubana. Lizet ordered a 'Secret' cocktail for me (sickly sweet and bizarrely colourful) at a bar chockful of middleaged men and bottle blondes. Three married men wanted to buy us drinks - which we gracefully declined (simultaneously asking where their wives were... Guilty, sheepish smiles were their replies.)
By 9.30pm, I sipped the dregs of my Secret and decided it was time to go home. (There is NOTHING worse than teaching little children with a hangover. I did it once : NEVER again!) Today with my 16-22 month olds I will be climbing through tunnels and then with my 2 and a half year olds, we will be pretending to be dogs and cats: lots of running around and woofing and miaowing... So nausea and a pounding head are not conducive to exuberant play!
Time to get into my 'teacher's head' ...

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