Friday, August 17, 2007


I have gone from being a divorcee to being a fiancee to being single in the space of a year! Yikes! No wonder all I could see were forests of raised eyebrows!
It's incredible what restrospect affords one... I feel wiser than I did even 24 hours ago! And yet I know I have many more lessons to learn.
Lesson Most Recently Learned: one cannot 'get over' an eleven years of emotional abuse in 365 days! (I have done far too much random, thoughtless dating and not enough heart-work and alone-time...) And so, I begin a new journey, heading towards a place where marriage is not something to be achieved - a husband is not a trophy. (This comes from years and years of growing up amongst oceans of white silk and frothy tulle veils and the sounds of brides' voices punctuating the incessant thrumming of my mother's sewing machine.)

This is me - raw, and ... blunt (unedited)


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melaniecharlton said...

Well Lisa,
Since I have not spoke to you in an age - I was rather shocked to read that you were getting married. As I did not know the full story, I declined to comment, however the little birdy inside my head did have a feeling of forebode about the whole thing. I am glad that you have finally seen the full picture and have decided on not fulfilling the marital path - just yet that is! It can be achieved in the distant future - but you really need 'me' time. Enough desperately trying to fill the void with men. You need to fill it with YOU, the whole YOU and nothing but the YOU :)
Hope that we can speak soon. Please give me your number.
Always love