Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fur in bed

{I really REALLY need to get myself organised with an HSDPA or whatever it is modem-thingy so I can write at night... I've found that filling the ether with my words consumes less of my physical living space than when I used to keep piles of journals of pen and ink. I write to write - and not to be read, I guess.)

A colleague just walked past behind me as I type these words here at the reception desk at work and blanched - audibly shocked at the title of 'Fur in bed'! And so, I better launch right into the 'fur' thing! A few months ago I walked past Vee's Video and saw a film poster in palest dirty pink and greys; the iconography so much my own. I remember my painting professor talking once about 'resonance' - how a certain image (whether in words or picture) evokes such deep-seated tremors in your heart and memory, that meaning and value are immediately attached to it. And this 'Fur' poster did just that to me - it stirred my heart (so much so I went inside the video store to ask them if they could put it aside for me...)
After work, I popped in there to get a DVD to watch (had plans for a bottle of red wine, popcorn and me in bed) and saw 'Fur' on the shelf! After a lazy nap where I woke up to a pink 7 o'clock sunset, I opened the wine, popped the buttery popcorn and set my laptop up on the bed - speakers and all! Sitting cross-legged amidst a bed of pink and orange silk cushions, red wine and --- oh dear: I have to go: boss calls... (PS. Watch 'Fur' if you dare!)

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