Monday, April 20, 2009

My New Life! (said with definite irony and ... JOY!!)

My fingers have forgotten the feel of these clicking letters and punctuation marks beneath my fingers after seven weeks of My New Life. Layla Rose arrived two and a half weeks ahead of schedule - though blessedly so, for many reasons I won't bore you with right now - but which will probably pop up some time in the future... Right now, my daughter lies in her navy blue Graco pram, being pushed to and fro by my leg/foot made tireless by my need to have her fall asleep! Mind you, it's not so I can have time to myself - it's ... I'm lying. It IS to have some time to myself!! I need to change from these clothes that smell like her curdled reflux after she projectile burped all over me in a hot, frantic splurge earlier this morning... I wish I could sit down with a cup of hot, sweet tea in the armchair where the sun is now that soft gold of late afternoon and merely contemplate my navel...

That's all I have time for - I have a grunting, moaning, squeaking bundle of joy who is soon going to let forth a great howl of hunger (or unashamed irritation at her poo nappy!)

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Andrea said...

Oh Lisa, I can see the whole picture before me.....being a mom is exhausting and at times I have wished I could say STOP....not forever, but just for 15 mins so I could lie in my bath and read my book with bubbles and no guilt because I knew that I should be doing something "mommyish"....but I promise you your time will return, so hang in there, it is early days and we are all pulling for you....please feel free to give me a shout anytime if you need a ear to vent into, I know your family are all far away and us uprooted blog buddies have to stick together :-)