Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exhausted, exhausted...

HRM (Her Royal Majesty A.K.A my baby girl) is still blessedly asleep, though as she swims to the surface of her sleep, she's grunting and sighing - causing my mothering hormones to flood my body, and I know it'll be a matter of mere minutes before I have to sign off, log out etc etc. But at least I am here on the page!
My second day all alone at home with this new little person who is 150% dependent on me has been fraught with anxious tears and sobbings of failure. (Oh, the drama, the drama!) But, after an emergency visit from the housewife, a few phonecalls to other mom-friends, I discover all of this is... NORMAL. Bugger. Yes, it does sort of help to know I am not an utterly useless mother -- but at the same time, I wish I could somehow leapfrog over this physicaland emotional exhaustion to a place where brushing my teeth is par for the course and not a massive accomplishment managed somewhere after lunch! (Out the window, I spy the Sainsbury's home delivery van: EUREKA! How much easier and simpler this will make my life!!)

I'm going to say ciao before my bambino awakes -- setting aside my beloved, but now quite extraneaous, writing for the greater good of a functioning household! (For any ideas or good old-fashioned encouragement, please use the COMMENTS section at the bottom of this posting!)



Anonymous said...

what a beautiful baby you have....just enjoy her, and yourself!!!!

Andrea said...

Baby number 1 is always difficult and anyone who says it isn't had A LOT of help....hang in there you are doing an amazing job, and just the very fact that you are worried you aren't shows what an awsome mom you are!

Always here if you need to blow off steam (07543004385)


Anonymous said...

Lisa.....I thought I would suprise you with a comment! In a short while you will look back and think "what was that all about" as things really do move quickly and before you know it, life will seem a little more easy and you will feel a little more human...and yes, enjoy those "me" moments as they are so necessary!