Saturday, July 30, 2011

A is Apple, B is for Benefactor

Apples are Layla's fruit du jour - but peeled, mind you. Miss Specific. Pears (the crunchy green kind!) are her next favourite fruit. Hence my first ever celebration of fruit as part of my kitchen decor. Miss Specific.

My second self-imposed exile in the UK opened up the unlikely treasure trove of the English institution of The Saturday Car Boot Sale --- and an almost manic, magpie-ish obsession with antiques and quirky vintageness. Hence the little 1950s Bakelite doll, and the silver and bone knives and forks (which I use every day!)

I aaaaalmost started a happy little rant about the metaphysics of beauty, but because this is quick jot from my Blackberry, I HAVE to keep it short (finger-cramp/tendon-inflamation). But - at least it's something, huh! (*wink*) (All thanks must go to Stacey Beadon for suggesting idea which I'm christening : blog-jogs ---- i.e. blogging on the run!)

PS. Internet is miraculously on the near horizon for me (*phew*) thanks to a not-so-surprising benefactor (my mom!) So soon-soon I'll be able to write more than these little Blackberried snatches.
'Men must live and create. Live to the point of tears.' Albert Camus

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You take really great photographs.