Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Frozen Vegetables and The Great Film Debate

WOW - you'd swear I'd forgotten this blog existed it's been so long!! But now that I've found my feet (and I can only say that in a figurative sense, because my swollen belly is so full of child that I can only rely on memory as to what my feet look like --- though maybe it's a good thing I can't see my tootsies - they're probably fat with water-retention!)

Since my last day of work, and with Craig also being on holiday, we've done little but eat, sleep and rest! Craig has a thing for TV, which unhappily, I do not share. Whether it's Jerry Springer, Judge Judy or Trawlermen, the TV seems to be perpetually on, with its glare of colour and Yankee twanging. (Or maybe I'm just a bit grumpy?!) But there really is very little to do in this area - especially in comparison to how we used to live back home in Cape Town where we were hard-pressed to actually make a choice between fun things to do! Maybe that's why the Brits spend so much time (and money) in their beloved pubs?

OK - let me make a list of potential fun activities to prove I am at LEAST trying not to continue wallowing in this pit of bleak despair:

1. Take our new 'Travelsystem' (pram and/car seat) for a walk around the village in practice for Layla's arrival. (To crank up the Fun Factor, maybe we could strap a squirming Max into it?! Running after him if he escapes could be quite fun!! Or let me rephrase that: watching Craig run, swearing, after Max into the bright blue yonder between sheep and prickly hedges could be quite amusing!!!)

2. Have a Flokati Furball Race. We start at either ends of the lounge, on hands and knees, and race to see who can pick up the most number of fluffy white fur balls our flokati rug sheds as though there were no tomorrow.

3. Max Drolletjies Race. This game would follow the same rules, except it would be Max's hard little non-smelly vegan poos we'd be picking up.

(You see, I'm already running out of ideas!) Outside, twilight is quietly creeping over what is left of the setting gold sunlight of the afternoon even though it's only 1:58pm. But today we are in luck: we have two DVDs which arrived in the post this morning from LoveFilm.com - one for Craig, one for me. 'Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay' and then 'Amores Perros'. On a beer-rating (i.e. the number of beers needed in your bloodstream for the film to actually BE funny), I reckon 'Harold & Kumar' must be about an inebriated 8. (Meanwhile, I can only sip a sobering cup of tea to keep me company during this grand epic of a film!) However, there is nothing more delectably luxurious than sipping a glass of fiercely rich Rioja or Pinotage during a dark and beautiful art film... But that's more to do with atmosphere than duping my brain into being entertained - or am I kidding myself? Admittedly, there have been some rather obscure and pathetically cerebral art films I've forced myself to endure in the name of artsy-fartsy intellectualism - but all made possible by those one and usually more glasses of red wine!

And now maybe it's time for a bath (I think I should rather have said 'a wallow') and then time to consider our evening meal (perhaps another activity I can add to my Fun List above?! "Who Can Devise the Tastiest Meal Out of What's Left Over in the Freezer"? Bonus points if you don't use the Tesco Value Frozen Mixed Veg that's been haunting the back alleys of the deep freeze for too, too long..)

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