Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Village...

First thoughts might be..a horror movie..?But no,its just the sleepy little English village in which I now find myself waiting continously for the arrival of my princess/better half..

The photo is of the house we are moving into.Its actually quite nice,with a stunning view of the rolling hills from the bedroom window..even the odd fox can be spotted!!The interior has a modern but at the same time Historic feel to it,which is GREAT.There are also two fire places in the lounge alone so im looking forward to some red wine and romantic evenings;).Who knows what miracles might happen there..?

I found out today one of my neighbours is a policeman,so I guess ill have to tread carefully!The other one I think is an artist who runs her business from home,and who is also deafer than I am(hard to imagine).Apart from those two the rest of the houses are big by British standards and so there occupants seldom seen.The whole village is surrounded by farms with plenty of interesting foot paths which im hoping to discover together with Lisa.Futher down the main road(if you can call it that)is a large dam(8miles to walk round it)which is stocked with trout.Ive enquired about the hire of a boat and kit,although I have yet to even attempt the art of fly fishing,all in all it works out to about £30 for the day,not bad for a day out and you keep your catch!(im a seafood fan).Even further down the road is the nearest village,Brixworth.Not much there either..basically our village is just a couple of stone houses and a pub,as ive mentioned.

Its been another cold day in which ive been holed up indoors,something which is proving rather frustrating!!I think its time for a glass of red,even though the enjoyment ive had sipping glasses a couple of weeks ago is missing,simply because the reality is theres nothing like sharing a glass of red wine with your loved one and enjoying the conversation that accompanies it.

So ill say Poka for now,

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