Monday, March 8, 2010


Ooh la la! I'm a lucky girl -- with VERY generous friends, it seems! My Netbook Fund has risen dramatically in the last few days, as you can see on the thermometor chart on the right ;) How fabulously exciting!! (And may I say a gracious and delighted 'thank you' to Melanie Charlton and Anne Herbert for their kindess and endless encouragement!) And because I get such incredible support (and sometimes the odd kick-up-the-jack!) my writing has grown from a very meek little blog to an actual career! As yet, I am still unpaid as a writer - but at least I have been published in four separate places in the last two weeks.
1. The MyZA editor discovered my Soutpiel blog - and featured me in his editorial!
2. Homecoming Revolution thought my blog was juicy enough to make me one of their 11 official bloggers!
3. SA Blog Award-winning Cape Town blog, iMod, has just made me one of their writers where I'll be submitting an article every Monday - writing about my own brand of what it means to be a mother, sprinkled with sexy recipes (more about that just now) and the odd book review.
4. South Africa The Good News has featured my blog this week on their front page!

But before I launch into something so glaringly trivial as 'sexy recipes', I must just tell you that my heart is still leaden, paralysed ... the shock and confusion and despair of my friend's baby that died on Saturday... wondering, at each moment of my day, what my dear friend must be going through. Suddenly, Layla waking through night for feeding is a pathetically petty problem. Rephrase: It is no longer a problem. It is a blessing. (I don't want to cheapen her pain by writing any more about it...)

So - something happily trivial to distract us: Sexy Food. What is Sexy Food? Sexy Food is nourishment, not just for the hungers of the body - but for those particular cravings of the soul. In short, it is about desire.
An example would be the smoked salmon linguine I made for us on Friday night. Hmmm... Part of what made it 'Sexy Food' for me was the tumbling of passion memories as I read through the ingredients-list and remembered sharing a smoked salmon pizza, at the bare end of the month, with Craig - when we still lived in Blouberg. The late summer sun, sumptuously gold as it poured softly through the restaurant, and the red wine we sipped like mirrors of each other... I'd never had smoked salmon before, but Craig magicked me into an adventurer - and the carnal coming together (no pun intended) of the salmon flesh, the creamy creme fraishe and the slow burn of the spring onion felt like I was eating sex. (Mommy, for the sake of my writing career, I hope you are not blushing for shame?! lol) But anyway - remembering all those gorgeous textures and feelings made reading the salmon pasta recipe rather like accidently finding the most deliciously aphrodisiac erotica - in my kitchen! It's a perfect pairing, if you think about it: food and sex. All your appetites satisfied in one go! And really, eating together is the perfect foreplay for us as women: our minds and our senses are tantalised over a couple of luxurious hours (instead of a few roughshod minutes having our nipples twiddled like radio dials!) Even gathering the ingredients together on the kitchen counter, and setting the butter to melt in the pan was like ... well, do you really want to know? It was like laying out, for after your steamy, steamy bath, that favourite black lace bra, to go with that outrageously naughty thong you hide at the back of your drawer... Hmmm... Anyway - I am going to write my recipe book about this Sexy Food - though I need to conjure up a more beautiful name - as 'Sexy Food' reminds me too much of Borat/Bruno and his 'sexy-time'...


Jessica said...

This was absolutely "delizioso"! Reading your post made me want to devour everything you were describing. ROWR! lol. Sexy food is a wonderful topic! I hope to hear more soon....until then, I think I'm going to go hunt up some edible sex....;)

Andrea said...

Hey Lisa, it has been a while, have been around but not long enough to comment most of the time :0)

Well done on being "published" - always knew if anyone could do it you could!

Great post as usual!

Anne Herbert said...

Hey - what's with hiding the thong in the back of the drawer then? Flaunt it i say!