Friday, November 20, 2009

Keeping abreast of the situation!

Breastfeeding. This is something I want to blog more about, if only to increase awareness about why it is the most magical, miraculous thing a mother can do for her child. Before Layla, I used to feel pretty neutral about it - but now...

In other cultures, like the Mongolians, breastfeeding is celebrated! Breastfeeding in public is not just a cultural norm, but expected.

Having lunch the other day in a garden centre's cafe with my friend, Lisa, and her year-old little girl, Freya Rose, we both hauled out our boobs so our children could have their milk. Knowing the taboos surrounding this wonderfully natural and beautiful act of mothering and nutrition, we took care to choose the most discreet seating in the cafe, and made sure not the barest glimpse of flesh was flashed! And yet, in our hearts, we feel like organising militant-style pro-breastfeeding ralleys! But we don't. Because............. I've just deleted an extremely passionate paragraph in case, oh dear, it might offend.
The day Layla was born, and in the weeks following, I had decided Layla would only be breastfed until she was six months old. That is, when the teeth arrive. But now, 8 months on, I almost wish it would never end. It gives us the most precious moments of quiet intimacy. A time that no-one else can muscle in on with a bottle of formula in hand. Through the night, she reaches for me in her sleep, and we lie in each others' arms - a twilight of love. One day, too soon, she will be off and running, busy, painting, playing, climbing trees, homework, boys... And these moments will be my perfect mother's treasure. An anchor, I hope, for us both.


Emm said...

Aaaah, that is amazing!! I never thought of that before but it must be amazing to have her reach for you in the night!

Briony said...

You write so beautifully Lisa, and its so true to life. Isn't breastfeeding fab?

Andrea said...

Like you I also LOVED breastfeeding and between my 3 children have had the priviledge of feeding them for a combined period of 29 months...a very special time and one I will certainly never get back with any of them - there is something totally unconditional about the love shared in those moments.