Monday, October 26, 2009

Mother & Child, and Father...

1. Was up with Layla all night long. (Saturday saw the beginning of a very sticky, snotty nose - and by Sunday, she was in full swing with the whole works, making for an utterly miserable little girl.)
2. She woke up at 5.30am - and guessed she'd need her usual sleep by 8.30am at the latest -- but not being able to breastfeed with such a blocked nose made her inconsably frantic, that I've only managed to get her to sleep a few minutes ago: i.e. she was awake for a total of FIVE hours... And that's a LOT for such a wee little soul.
3. Craig has gotten the cold as well - and, being of the male persuasion, has it 'a billion times worse' (to quote directly!) And to top it all off, Mama Lisa here has to help him type his school reports because otherwise he gets a sore back. Ag shampies...
So, sleep-deprived, irritable and more-than-your-average-knackered, here I am at the PC and not in bed where I should be, catching up on as many winks I could get.
4. My small 'Mother & Child' was selected for the 96th Annual Northampton Town & County Art Society Exhibition (what a mouthful!)over the large one because of the gallery's lack of space this year where they're apparently hanging works from floor to ceiling!

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Andrea said...

Congratulation in getting your painting in the exhibition, that must give you such a feeling of accomplishment.

As for snotty noses...have a look for the karvol vaporisor at Sainsburys, we have one for Nick and it is an ABSOLUTE godsend with his nose at night...retail for around 6 quid or so but very very worth it - shout if you can't get one there and I will post you one.

Hope you get some sleep tonight and good luck with the reports - give me a ring again sometime and we can catch always worried I will wake little Layla if I ring.