Sunday, October 12, 2008

On cravings and carboot sales

What a GLORIOUS sunshiney day!! For the last 5 days we've showered in bucketfuls of hot, gold sunshine - Summer's way of apologising at last?! What would we do with this magnificent day? With what could we fill it?
Seeing as we missed yesterday's carboot sale in Holcot which must've been a whopper in this weather, we headed down to our local recycling plant where Craig'd seen a foldable rabbit run a few weeks back (while I secretly hoped it would be gone: I can't bear the thought of my sweet little bun being cooped up ALL the time...) Fanastically, the run had long been sold (lucky Max!) but I discovered all sorts of other things I didn't think I could leave without.
One was a very old, very large black and dark blue luggage trunk, stamped with R.A.F and someone now long-passed's name. Hmmm, it'd look fabulous on top of my fluffy flokati rug in the lounge as a coffee table! Then there was an old walnut dresser with perfectly filigreed brass handles which was the perfect height for the baby's nursery to serve as storage for the baby clothes AND serve as changing table! A single cup and saucer caught my eye in its white porcelain glory edged delicately in turquoise and gold lace. A tiny old Chinese jewellery box with a miniature landscape set theatrically behind a little pane of glass, each little branch and leave carved ingeniously from some pale, soft wood. A small gold latch unclasped to reveal a seductive red satin inside. Oh there was so MUCH! But the council workers who run the tip are rather like sharks, who sidle silently up to you, sniff the money-scent of you and try to determine just how much you'd be willing to pay! They can size up desire in a cold flash of an eye. And so, when our regular council-dude told me, with that cold gleam in his eye, "Thirty quid, my love," I realised we would no longer be frequenting this den of refuse and sharks --- the carboot sales in the local villages render much better quality (yes, it's still someone's refuse) stuff for just a fraction of the price! Two weeks ago we bought a beautiful cabinet for my studio space for just 2GBP!
So did I buy anything in the end? An old home-made wooden horsey on wheels that I can just see rejuvenated in some kind of paint effect. Keep it old and antiquey? If our bub is a girl, maybe I'll lacquer it in a lush fuschia pink and decorate it with gold, lace-like patterns - a la Bollywood? I'll leave it in the empty nursery and wait for our scan result on November the 3rd!
The foraging and bartering left me hungry (nothing unusual these days!) and lunch was a feast of a feta sarmie, a handful of plump, juicy cherry tomatoes and a somewhat gluttonous helping of real German sauerkraut! Mercifully, I've not begun chewing the plaster off our walls or eating handfuls of soil form the back garden, but I can certainly testify that Cravings of Pregnancy are no myth or old wives' tale: it is as real as gherkins and strawberry jam at midnight!! My cravings have been less bizarre, but certainly something I can' help but notice when one week all I want to eat is buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, and the next it's something else... (For the first time this morning, when I surveyed myself in the mirror, I felt like I actually look pregnant for the first time - and no longer like a fat vroumens! We're just 2 weeks away from the halfway point!!!!!!!!!!! If I START to describe all I'm thinking and feeling, I'll have you stuck for another hour yet, so let me say ciao ciao and see you soon ;)
PS. My poor, pounding heart needed a break from all the Stephen King books we have in our home (thanks to a certain addict called Craig) and so I found some more soothing, beautiful books - and the current one I just can't put down is "Serving Crazy with Curry" by Amulya Malladi. Reminiscent of 'Like Water for Chocolate' by Laura Esquival - but much more simple in language - and, of course, Indian in origin. (I think my looooong story about my friend Pakshi ( had me lean towards this Indian tale!)

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Tash Pike said...

I can't wait to see a pic of the fuschia pink horsey!!! ;-)