Friday, June 20, 2008

It died after 3 weeks and we paid 200quid for the thing!!!

In the middle of applying for jobs on-line and listening to my personlised (and very eclectic) Yahoo Launchcast radio station, I'm waiting for the car-breaker to pick our car up which died on the way home - but quite conveniently just outside our village. Craig arrived home to tell me this, so we walked back to the car together, both embarrassed and probably blushing for shame! I hopped in while Craig pushed the car - well, tried! Everytime we just got the thing rolling, a car would come whizzing round the bend - and I'd have to yank up the handbrake. THANKFULLY, our neighbour (head of the child-protection police unit - and unfortunately for him, called 'Digger'!) stopped next to us on his way home, parked his car and hopped out to help us get the car off the road and onto a grassy verge just a little further back - the entrance to one of the neighbouring wheat farms.) Digger must've thought Craig a bit of a pig because I was pushing the car while Craig was inside it : you see, the other night, Digger popped in on his way home from a long and very wet night at the pub, and elbowed Craig with a sly twinkle in his eye, and asked if I was pregnant because I am apparently 'so radiant and glowing'! Ha! Imagine! And so I didn't need to wonder why he raised his eyebrow in concern when he saw me pushing the damn jalopy with all my meaty might!

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