Monday, February 11, 2008

All Gymboreed out (sjoe!!)

Supposedly, allegedly and apparently my day off today, I am at work! I got in at 9.30am to do the dreaded 'Switch' where we move all the various bits of foam and wooden equipment around into a different configuration every two weeks... And, I did ALL by myself (yip, I already gave myself a Noddy badge for this!!) where normally we used to do it with three or four other people --- which was definitely a case of too many cooks... Putting some of my own music onto the FAB sound system in the play area (choice: light rock and pop mix from the 1960s to 2000s instead of Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory just in case a customer DID arrive for something! ALWAYS got to look and act the eternally happy Gymboree teacher - even on my day off! This morning I woke with a scream trying to escape my subconscious after a sweaty, hectic nightmare in which I was kidnapped by gunpoint and imprisoned inside a big Gymboree where no-one was allowed to know of my exhaustion, loneliness or enslavement - but that I still had to continue to teach and be this incredible bundle of energetic and happy love that I apparently am! There's much more to the dream - but because it's interpretation is rather obvious, I'll refrain from saying more...) Needless to say, a litre of Coke Lite later and rather sweaty, I'm pretty damn pleased with myself for my morning's work. The rest of the afternoon needs me to do some housework AND prepare my lesson plans for the next two weeks before heading off to teach my mom and her friend art class at 3.30pm. Then it's a braai with Craig at my folks - and hopefully an early night before the busy, busy week that's ahead of us!
Hope your week is delicious and inspired! x

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